Contributions to Catholic School Community

BHN OECTAContributions to Catholic School Community

The recipient is a member who nurtures community life in Catholic Education and actively lives out the OECTA prayer by:

“choosing knowledge over ignorance, wisdom over waste, peace over injustice, community over isolation, and service over domination.”

2018 – Maria Adams

2017- Marlena Edwards
2016- Laurie Rykse
2015- Carolyn Boerboom
2014- Jennifer Keen
2012- Tara Spangenburger
2011- Ed Dertinger
2010- Gabriella Porco
2009- Rosanna DeRochie
2008- Tina Forgione
2007- Judy Schaeffer
2005- Marian McCool
2004- Jim Durka and David Page
2003- Dante Dalia and Fred Guidolin
2002- Frances King
2001- Darlyn Burroughs
2000- Carol Poremba and Margarete Calder