The Formation of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association

The Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association (OECTA) was formed to fill the needs of Ontario English Catholic teachers as the importance of having their own association was realized. This decision came at a time where teachers in publicly funded schools needed to belong to a provincial professional organization.

On February 8, 1944 a group of diocesan delegates decided unanimously that an English Catholic Teachers’ Association should be formed as a provincial organization to meet the needs of these teachers.

During Easter of 1944, OECTA’s first provincial meeting was held. It was deemed to be a big success with over 600 English Catholic teachers who came to Toronto for two days during Easter to show their support for the development of a provincial body to meet their needs. This meeting was a pivotal step toward OECTA becoming official.

On September 8, 1944, OECTA was incorporated due to the overwhelming support and co-operation of the delegates.

Margaret Lynch, first president of OECTA, helped ensure its survival for years to come. BHN OECTA is proud to be part of this history.

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