Making a Difference on March Break

BHN OECTAMaking a Difference on March Break

Many teachers look forward to a sunny southern vacation on March Break. This year, Liz Storschuck, Joseph Varga, Sarah Conway and Joan Pringle enjoyed a March Break get-away with a twist. They joined Father Steve Savel, St. Mary’s Church- Simcoe, on a mission trip to Mexico.

During the mission trip, the team worked in a very small village, Tres Reyes (in the middle of the forest), to help ready a piece of property for tourism. This particular mission group helped clean out the cenotes.* They also assisted with setting the foundation for a kitchen (which involved moving, breaking, and setting rocks, by hand). A lot of physical work!

The second part of the mission took them to the City of Joy, about 30 minutes outside of Cancun, to a complex run by nuns. It includes two schools, a hospital for the sick and dying, a nursing home and a food bank. The team spent most of their time at the complex working with the students.

Donations continue to be collected by Father Savel for on-going support for projects in Mexico and Haiti.

Thank you to Joan Pringle for sharing this story with BHN OECTA. Joan added, “We feel blessed to have been given the experience to work with so many wonderful people.”

* A cenote is a natural pit or sinkhole resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock.