Outstanding Service to the Association

BHN OECTAOutstanding Service to the Association

The recipient is a member who demonstrated a long-standing commitment to OECTA and its objectives. He or she recognizes the values of the Association as expressed in one or more of OECTA statement principles:

“Foster the growth of confident, competent professionals Support our members in collective bargaining Promote spiritual growth in our members Establish and exercise our rights at all levels of educational decision-making Build solidarity through actions that foster trust and collegiality Assist our members to grow professionally by providing access to information and resources.”

2018 – Carlo Fortino

2017- Len McDonald
2016- Chris Cowley
2015- Amber Martin
2014- Carol Anne Bouillon
2013- Dante Dalia
2012- Fr. Phil O’Reilly
2011- Jane McLean
2010- Tom Laracy
2009- Marg Boyd
2008- Andy O’Brien
2007- Andrew Stancek
2006- Michele McFee
2005- Robin Baswick
2004- Pat Confalone
2003- Jeanette Lee
2002- Judith Dallway
2001- Cheryl Hasler and Trudy Smelko
2000- Bill O’Neil